Samsung Silver 450W Premium Wireless Soundbar Sound System HW-MS651

  • Silver 450 Watts Premium Soundbar
  • Bluetooth technology
  • Wireless Soundbar
  • Samsung’s Distortion Cancelling technology.
  • Enhance any audio from 8-24bit to 32bit
  • Fantastic sound
  • 9 inbuilt speakers
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Product Description

Samsung Silver 450W Premium Wireless Soundbar Sound System HW-MS651

Samsung Wireless Soundbar features Bluetooth technology that lets you connect your mobile device for playing music.
This Samsung Soundbar produces high-quality audio.Improve your audio experience with the Samsung Soundbar. It eliminates the noise from the audio and gives you a deep and detailed bass, courtesy of the Samsung’s Distortion Cancelling technology. This soundbar features a sound upscaling technology that promises to enhance any audio from 8-24bit to 32bit for delivering the perfect sound. The wide-range tweeter ensures you of consistently fantastic sound, while the multi-array speakers in this soundbar, move simultaneously for more powerful bass.

Get quality sound for your TV with this Samsung Wireless Soundbar. It is fitted with dual vertical tweeters that generate rich and powerful audio, which adds a greater depth of surround sound and dimension to your entertainment content. Also, this soundbar has a upscaling technology that automatically upscales your music files to up to 32bit for a more detailed and dynamic sound.

Cinematic Surround Sound
This modes Samsung Soundbar offers an enhanced stereo sound experience with surround sound expansion capabilities, which makes it perfect for a home theater setup. Furthermore, the Samsung’s Distortion Cancelling technology does an excellent job of removing the noise from the sound, making it more accurate and clear.

The Science of Sound
The Samsung Soundbar is tested and tuned at the renowned California Audio Lab, where Samsung’s engineers applied new methods of transduction with advanced computer modeling to give you a perfectly balanced, room-filling sound.

Seamless Connectivity
Connect the Samsung Wireless Soundbar to your Samsung TV with ease and without the hassle of wires tangling with each other. You can do so via Bluetooth or WiFi. Just connect and enjoy all your multimedia content with clearer, more impactful sound.

Future-Proof with 4K Pass-Through
The Samsung Soundbar is the perfect companion for your ultra HD content. It features 4K Pass-Through that ensures your 4K content plays seamlessly with additional surround sound.

Brand: Samsung
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