QASA 5KVA Automatic Voltage Regulator Stabilizer 2HP AC

  • Voltage Input: AC 110~280V 50Hz
  • Voltage Output: AC 230V±8%
  • Power Input: 5000VA(max.)
  • Capacity: 1. Continuously Carry 1.5 HP AC at 120V or higher
  • 2. Continuously Carry 2.0 HP AC at 130V or higher
  • 3. Continuously Carry 3.0 HP AC at 140V or higher



Product Description


1. Power-back surges protection
2. Overheat protection
3. Start-up delay function
4. 230v out sockets
5. Wall mounted & slim design
6. Stability selection buttons
7. Ventilation fan
8. Resettable circuit breaker
9. Durable relays with zero-cross switching technology
10.Digital display with large icons

Brand  QASA
Weight 16 kg

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