Adjustable Television Wall Bracket 26″- 60″


  • 26”-60” Wall Mount
  • Durable
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Product Description

This 26”-60” Television Wall Mount is what you need to mount your flat screen televisions and PC monitors on the wall. It is adjustable and has Swivel and Tilting features that enables you to position your television or PC monitors to suit your viewing position. It also allows you to pull out your televisions or PC monitors to make adjustments behind the gadgets without having to bring it down. The solid heavy gauge steel has been designed for your entire small and large panel TV. It will be a perfect fit for most TVs between 26-60 inches. It has a tilt range which will help neutralize screen reflections from light and windows. The tilt mechanism will space your TV a bit further from the wall. When you mount your TV on the wall, it gives you a lot of room for other things an also makes your living room or offices look neat and nice.

26”-60” Wall Mount has the ability to support a TV of different weight. It is easy to install and made from durable material so that it will last you for a long time. When you purchase a LED/LCD/plasma TV, it’s important you take good care of this expensive gadget properly. They are often lightweight with flat panels which make it possible for them to be mounted on the wall. What you need to mount these TVs on the wall is a strong and solid steel wall bracket that is very reliable.
26”-60” Wall Mount will give your TV all the necessary support to be firmly secured to the wall

Brand  Generic Single arm Tv bracket 26" - 60"  Wall Mount
Weight 5 kg

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